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Our Dual Basic Detail starts with a two-bucket hand wash including all door jambs and windows, full iron decontamination wash, clay bar to remove additional contaminants & pollutants on the paint’s surface, wheels cleaned and degreased, tires dressed, and finished with a 6 month Ceramic Sealant.

Our Dual Signature Detail includes everything in our Dual Basic and is intended for vehicles that need more attention than others. Therefore, we charge an additional hourly rate for detailing these vehicles. This rate is in place to help us cover the increased costs associated, these costs include the use of additonal chemicals, tools, and labor.

Our Ceramic Maintenance Wash is crucial in maintaining the longevity of your coating. We start with a full decontamination wash followed by a light polish to remove any blemishes that may have occurred. We then thoroughly examine the coating and reapply to any weak spots that may have formed. A Ceramic Enhancer is then applied to ensure the lifetime of the coating. Every Ceramic Coated Vehicle must receive this service every 12 months to uphold their warranty.


$ 260 / and up
  • Time: 4+ Hours
  • Hand Wash
  • Clay Bar & Iron Decon
  • Wheels Cleaned & Degreased
  • Extensive Deep Clean of Interior Panels
  • Carpets & Cloth Seats Steam Cleaned
  • 6 Month Ceramic Sealant



$ 335 / and up
  • Time: 5+ Hours
  • Everything in Basic Plus
  • Hourly Rate For Additonal Cleaning


$ 175 / and up
  • Time: 3+ Hours
  • Exterior Decon Detail
  • Ceramic Enhancer Applied
  • Ceramic Reapplied to any Weak Spots
  • Basic Interior Detail
  • Required Annually to Uphold Warranty
  • Pricing Applies only to Past Clients

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